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  • Rolling Steel

    Fabricated of interlocking steel, stainless steel or aluminum curtains in a variety of slat profiles, finishes, and options. These doors are designed for durability, serviceability and good looks. Rolling service doors are designed to your specifications, then solidly constructed to promote easy installation, trouble-free operation and long life.


    Prefinished galvanized steel in gauges from 24 to 18, stainless, or aluminum.  Rolling Steel doors can accommodate most openings and building requirements. Perforated slats are available for areas where air flow is required.  Rolling Steel doors are available with chain hoist assemblies or automated systems as well as fire rated applications. 


    • Galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum doors in a variety of gauges, slat profiles, finishes and options

    • Rolling service doors for heavy-duty, medium-duty and lightduty applications

    • Structural steel angle or roll-formed guide design ensures smooth curtain operation



  • Sectional

    Premium-duty 20 gauge and heavy-duty 24 gauge steel insulated garage doors are suited for most commercial and industrial applications. 25 gauge insulated steel doors are an alternative option for applications requiring economy and reliability in a lighter gauge commercial garage door.

A break-away bottom section is an important safety feature for commercial doors installed in high-traffic loading areas. If the door is accidentally struck by a forklift or another piece of heavy equipment, the section gives way and can be reset in seconds, eliminating downtime and costly repair calls, as well as reducing the risk of operator injury and structural damage to the building





  • Fire Rated

     • Common applications include factories, warehouses, mills, distribution centers and parking garages.


     • Wide range of sizes and styles meet or exceed industry fire safety testing standards including Underwriters Laboratories (UL & ULC), Factory Mutual (FM), New York City, and the State of California (CSFM) requirements


     • Doors are compliant with all NFPA-80 standards


     • Constructed of galvanized or stainless steel in a variety of gauges, slat designs and finishes for unsurpassed strength, durability and style


     • Door closes automatically under governor control after separation of fuse link. UL recommends a 165°F (74°C) fuse link for ambient conditions for 100°F (38°C) or less, or a 212°F (100°C) fuse link for ambient conditions over 100°F (38°C)


     • Motor operated counter fire door does not require tension reset after automatic fire release


  • High Speed

    • Fast operating speeds of this high speed door enhance comfort and security


    • Tightly seals door openings in clean room applications to prevent air movement, and the fast opening speed of up to 80" per second greatly increases protection from contamination between two areas. 


    • Full perimeter draft seals for dust and odor containment and environmental control.


    • Light Grid systems are integrated with the guide tracks making it less susceptible to damage by passing loads.  This system enhances protection of personnel and goods and drastically reduces the likelihood of damage and repair to other parts of the door, saving on maintenance costs


    High-stregnth polyester screen materials can be interchanged with the solid panels in order to provide ventilation during the warmer months.  Screen panels can help prevent airborne contaminents such as birds and insects from entering the building.


  • Controlled Temperature

    Designed for freezer and chill applications to assist with temperature control in high use storage facilities.  The heavy duty design provides a long lasting door in distribution/storage areas. 


    The food safe designs are hygienic and suited to both low and high risk food preparation areas, and are available in a wide choice of finishes.

  • Specialty

    Chain Link


    Panel Design: 2-1/2" x 1-1/2" aluminum frame

    Panel Inserts: 11 gauge galvanized steel chain link with 2" diamond openings

    Panel Thickness: 1-1/2" thick aluminum

    Joint Design: Flat block meeting rail

    Thermal Conductivity: None

    Hardware: Commercial grade hinges, rollers and brackets

    Colors: Mill finished aluminum, powder coating optional




    Panel Design: 1-1/2" or 1-7/8" thick extruded aluminum rails

    Panel Inserts: 304 stainless steel in 12 x 12 or 30 x 30 mesh

    Panel Thickness: 1-1/2" or 1-7/8" thick

    Joint Design: Interlocking rails

    Thermal Conductivity: None

    Hardware: Commercial grade hinges, rollers and brackets

    Colors: Mill finished aluminum, powder coating optional